Basic Celebration Cakes


Flavour Options; Vanilla Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Cake, Lemon Cake, Marble Cake, Strawberry Cake
Sizes (Inches) Price (Naira)
Round Shape Non-Round Shape Single Layer (Any 1 Flavour) Double Layer (Any 2 Flavours) Triple Layer (Any 3 Flavours)
6’’ na Not available 5,000  7,500
8’’ 6’’ Not available 7,500 11,000
10’’ 8’’ 5,200 10,000 14,500
12’’ 10’’ 6,800 13,000 19,000
14’’ 12’’ 9,000 16,000 23,500
16’’ 14’’ 11,500 20,000 29,000




Flavour Options; Vanilla, Marble, Red Velvet, Chocolate, Lemon, Ginger.
One – Tier Two – Tier
Sizes (Inches) Price Sizes (Inches) Price
Round Shape Non – Round Shape 1 or 2  or 3 Flavours Round/Non – Round Shape 1, 2 or 3 Flavours
6’’ na 7,000 6 & 10 in 35,000
8’’ 6’’ 12,000
10’’ 8’’ 17,000 8 & 12 in 45,000
12 ‘’ 10’’ 22,000
14’’ 12’’ 28,000 9 & 14 in 55,000
16’’ 14’’ 35,000
18’’ 16’’ 45,000 10 & 16 in 70,000
20’’ 18’’ 60,000
na 20’’ 88,000


Additional items you may want to go with your Cake order
Item Price
Edible 2-D Image (Fondant or Edible Paper) N4,000
Dripping Chocolate N2,000
Gold Maltesers N2,500
Black whipcream icing for Top of cake N2,000
Birthday or Greeting Card N1,500 Per card
Bottle of Non-Alcoholic Wine N2,500 Per bottle
Monogram Number or Letter Toppers N500 Per number/letter
Candles N200 per candle
Sparklers N1,000 per sparkler
Delivery Depends on Location. See Delivery Fee List


  1. Our cakes are baked fresh to order. 48 hours notice is required when placing your order except for Carrot, Coconut and Fruit cakes which require 3 days notice.
  2. Your cake will be ready at least 24 hours (or on a later date requested by you) after your payment is confirmed excluding delivery time (if you want us to deliver)
  3. We reserve the right to decorate or bake your cake using our discretion if you do not confirm the colours and flavours 48 hours prior to the delivery/pick-up day
  4. Colours are subject to availability.
  5. We have a strict no refund policy. Our processes allow for refunds to be made only in the unlikely event that we do not make your cake.
  6. Our cakes are to be consumed within 2 days after collection. We do not use preservatives. If you wish to keep your cake longer, cut it up, wrap the chunks in cling film or foil and store in the freezer. Allow it to thaw and come to room temperature before serving.
  7. Delivery time lines are subject to ‎traffic or weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control.
  8. Our closing time is 5 pm on Monday to Saturday , however, our doors stay open till 7 pm for pick ups only. This gives customers who may be stuck in traffic some more time to be able to pick up their cakes.
  9. We do not work on Sundays, however, our doors are open on Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm for pick ups only as well. You may or may not be able to reach our phone lines on Sunday, but if you paid for a cake to be picked up on Sunday, all you need to do is come to our office, and your cake will be waiting for you. ???? Thank you for choosing SayCheese Cakes
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